The Secret Garden is the first project publicly displayed under my company, No Fun Studio, utilizing dual projection mapping & body tracking depth sensors to bring life to this immersive space in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
La Casa Arthouse Bobblehaus
The Secret Garden
DEC. 2020 — JAN. 2020
The Secret Garden explores a form of augmented reality where the user interacts with their reflection in a flowing particle simulation, building Delaunay triangulations that resemble the structure of plants from the position of their hands. The floor projection controls interaction using aerial blob tracking and a physics engine to displace particles based off momentum & velocity dispersing the interactive meadow at their feet. I developed this realtime project in TouchDesigner with the art direction of Gonzo Gelso.
VR Experience is developed to render realtime in TouchDesigner
Hardware used: Oculus Rift, Leap Motion.
vr soundscape
Analyzing the different frequencies of audio wavelengths, this VR experience comes to life with music. Mapping different parameters from the generative based elements in the 3D virtual environment to certain aspects of sound. Using this method instead of traditional MIDI or OSC input allows for application with all live & recorded music. To further immerse the user, intergration of a Leap Motion was added to track the users hands & give a more natural experience interacting with the virtual soundscape.

New MEdia & Generative Art

What began as musings or a collection of small passion projects a few years ago, inspired me to dedicate every free moment to exploring interactions in real-time 3D & articulating concepts to immmerse people in experiences that force them to reimagine the possibilities of digital art.

These experiments have helped me find a practical translation of my programming knowledge from designing & developing applications & websites to a new frontier of digital & immersive experiences.

IMMERSIVE | Interaction

Tools: Unreal Engine, TouchDesigner, Houdini, GLSL, After Effects, Processing, Python & JavaScript

Generative | Procedural

Generative art is the foundation I built the previous interactions on. A lot of this work is an exploration of geometry, texture, color, light & other variables in 3D development environments.

XY Pen plotter | algorIthmic

This series of work explores the physical boundaries between lines of code (vectors) transitioning from an entirely digital source to a tangible piece of artwork.

To make this art possible I use a tool called an XY pen plotter. The plotter takes geometric instructions that are translated into lines which create a path for the pen to draw on any material. Although it seems black and white, there are many variables that impact the final output and experimentation is essential in the process embracing the flaws and limitations of each medium.


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